Irish Roots, Irish Oaks

Leave a gift to Ireland

The magnificent Irish Oak is Ireland’s national tree, rich in history, ¬†integral to the development of craft and industry in early Ireland and with a central place in Irish legends. In Elizabethan times, Ireland was thickly forested, with vast oak woodlands covering entire valleys across Cork, Kerry and Limerick.

Now the native Irish Oak makes up only 1% of our forests and concerted efforts are needed to if we are to preserve this national treasure.

Planting an oak tree in Ireland is not only an ideal way to commemorate your journey, but also to honour your family history and your historic Irish roots. Planting an oak tree on your trip gives you a unique Irish memory while leaving a valuable and lasting gift to Ireland for centuries after you’ve returned home.

If you would like to plant an oak tree while on your tour of Ireland with us, we will organise the planting for you and take you to the beautiful location where it will take root, grow, and thrive, hopefully for hundreds of years. You will receive a framed certificate and an accurate GPS reading of exactly where your oak is located.

 Thank you again for setting up the tree planting, it was very meaningful for us to do something to honor our ancestors and Irish roots.