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Guest Reviews

Leonie   August 2011

I would like to thank you both from the bottom of my heart for all your work in putting together our tour of Ireland. We had the most fantastic time and have created memories and a bond between us all that will last forever.

We loved every minute of our trip and it was especially nice to meet you both in the freezing cold weather at Callan. Thank you for the yummy chocolates which lasted about 10 minutes once we left in the coach.

There were so many highlights; we especially love the horse stud, our lunch at Kilkenny, our Cork hotel, the Ring of Kerry and Galway. Of course, the Pubs were awesome and the Irish music kept us jigging for hours a couple of nights.

We loved every minute of our trip

Erik was absolutely the best. He was flexible, fun, easy going – exactly what I had wished and much more. He made our trip and joined us at all the football matches. What a fantastic young guy and I think he might come out to Australia to visit us in January.

Your country it so beautiful and the people, well you are the strength that makes Ireland such an absolutely wonderful country to visit and be made welcome.

My sincere thanks for your kindness and service above and beyond.

Al & Shirley  

We want to thank you for providing us with such a wonderful trip, not to mention the champagne. That was a very pleasant surprise. Everything about it was superb and Maurice fitted in very well with our family.

The travel agent that I bought our air tickets from may contact you to see if there is any way she can book through you. She called me today and I gave her your email address; so don’t be surprised if you hear from her. As for us, we will highly recommend you to any one we know that might be travelling to Ireland.

Once again we wish to thank you for a wonderful experience. We weren’t disappointed with anything.


What a grand trip we had! Frank was the ultimate of guides – a true host showing us his country. He is so extremely knowledgeable and has a fascinating way of presenting the history and background. We were so fortunate that he was our guide. Please express our gratitude to him.

We thank you for all of your guidance with the trip planning. Your attention to detail and great communication made the trip go smoothly. It was a pleasure to meet you in person. We also appreciated your recommendation of Luxury Tours of Scotland – another great experience. We will definitely recommend you and your company to any friends who plan to visit Ireland.

With gratitude, Larry

Ross & Sharon   July 2011

Good Day! Yes, Sharon and myself returned without incident. However, it is with long faces that we left your great country. Margaret, your patience and willingness to adjust and re-adjust the itinerary as I continued to ask questions was most helpful and appreciated. The final choices for travel spots and accommodations all proved to be just perfect.

Historically, Sharon and I travel solo and I drive as she determines the sights to go to. This trip however, allowed me to actually see the area and relax for a change. I found this to be most enjoyable. I must say, the decision to use a tour service was not so easy for me given our history, especially, with the idea of potentially getting a “dud” for a driver. If we had got a disinterested driver it would have changed our whole view of Ireland as a vacation spot and a country as a whole.

However, we could not have been more lucky to have had the good fortune to have Michael as our guide. He is without question a professional, intelligent, entertaining and loyal member of your company. I came to like him immediately and from my point of view enjoyed the many hours of Q&A and discussion of most all subjects.

His willingness to join us day or night made for feel of real “friendship” let alone a better understanding for us as to the ways and values of the Irish people. Upon our return to Shannon Airport, Michael parked the car and came inside to see us off, a very nice touch and one that left my wife weeping for some time as he departed. I feel as though we have a friend in Ireland, one I would like to see again. He was the reason we enjoyed the trip as much as we did, and we both will never forget our time there.

Anne, your follow up with regards to our anniversary with the delivery of champagne was most appreciated and unexpected. It was a little extra gilding on the rose to make the day perfect.

Given all the above I can firmly say that I would recommend your company to anyone interested in travel to Ireland.

Sharon and I truly appreciate every step we took, and hope to return soon.

Christina P   June 2011

I was thrilled with my experience. Small Escorted Tours allows you to customize your itinerary and there is flexibility because it’s only your group on the tour. Say you want to scratch something along the way… no problem! You’re peering out the van window and see a sign for the pottery shop. Want to stop? Easy peasey!

Our driver, Maurice, most definitely, made our trip perfect! He listened to what we were interested in and offered suggestions along the way. He never steered us wrong.

Read the rest of this 5 star review at Yelp

Marianne   May 2011

Hello Anne,

We really did enjoy our visit to Ireland, and a good part of that was the result of Maurice’s and Small Escorted Tours’ efforts. With the help of your company we had a great itinerary, and Maurice was able to put it all together seamlessly. It was almost like Maurice was a member of our group rather than just a guide. He had great suggestions, and we visited places we would never have seen on our own.

Again, thanks for all of Small Escorted Tours’ help in making our visit to Ireland so special!

All the best,


Susan Derrow   May 2011

You have gone so above and beyond in keeping me posted throughout my client’s trip. Thank you very much. I was thinking of all of you while watching the news about Queen Elizabeth being in Ireland. That must have created a lot of excitement.

I … have never had a tour company be as gracious as you

Thank you again for all your hard work and extreme professionalism. If any travel agent ever wants a reference for your company, please have them contact me. I have been in this business for 30 years and have never had a tour company be as gracious as you.

I look forward to working with you in the future.

Personal Vacation Planner, Avoya Travel

Robert James Waller   April 2011

Our guide was a consummate professional: thorough, knowledgeable, an experienced driver, and the possessor of a finely-honed sense of humor.

I spent twelve enjoyable days with him while doing serious photography along the west coast of Ireland. No matter how many times I requested, “Please turn around, I saw an interesting door back there,” he was always of good cheer and accommodating. If you want a worry-free tour through Ireland, I highly recommend this service.

Jackie Autry (Mrs. Gene Autry)  

I want to recommend IrelandEscorted.com, who I had the occasion to use for about 10 days while on a trip to Ireland.

Seeing the beauty of Ireland this way was a special treat indeed.

My party and I found our guide to be extremely gracious, competent, knowledgeable and well organized. He made the entire group feel at home. Seeing the beauty of Ireland this way was a special treat indeed. When we left we all felt we had left a dear friend and at the same time found one.

When my travels take me to Ireland again, I intend to use this service again and I feel confident in highly recommending them as a fine and capable company.

Jon Stretch  

We had a fantastic week in Ireland. We started in Dublin, then spent 2 days in Kilkenny, 3 days in Killarney, and then made our way back to Dublin.

We had a superb time – not only is Ireland very well prepared for tourism but our guide was a brilliant representative of his country. He kept us all amused with stories and myths of the country. I can highly recommend Ireland Escorted to anyone planning a trip to Ireland.

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