Guest Reviews

Edwin C. deGroat

Our relationship with you began in 1999 when you brought us to many locations in Ireland during our biennial international tour to England and Ireland. Along the way you informed us of points of interest with knowledgeable aplomb and interesting anecdotes. Of great importance was on the final night in Dublin when you prevented a possible tragic accident to one of our students by sounding your horn as you saw an oncoming automobile. I remain indebted to you for your quick action.

Our last trip was also under your guidance. Again your ability to help us transportation our equipment and luggage and be flexible to our needs was greatly appreciated. Also my son and wife thank you deeply for taking them to Kilkenny after leaving the rest of us at the airport. Your thoughtfulness in arranging accommodation for them is another indication of your genuine concern for others.

Finally, when Solisti look forward to traveling again to Ireland, you can rest assured that I will be calling you early to request that you take care of us again during our visit. You have not only become our friend professionally but someone we consider a personal friend.