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Irish Lamb

SheepGuests often ask us if we can adjust the itinerary so that they will see sheep in their natural habitat. It’s not really a problem as they are all over the place on high ground and low ground. We kind of take it for granted so a couple of days ago I stopped to shoot some lambs (with the camera!).

I love the air of innocence and curiosity about lambs as they explore their new world. Pity they grow into sheep with that dopey look that says ‘you go on, I’ll follow you’.

Incidentally if you ever wondered if sheep can be valuable consider the one sold in Ireland to a Scottish gentleman in 2011 for a cool €108,000.

It seems almost wrong to mention it when looking at these lovely spring lambs enjoying their lives, but eating all that wonderful grass out in the sunshine makes very tasty meat. Irish lamb – especially Connemara Lamb – is definitely a delicacy you should enjoy during your trip.