Guest Reviews

Ross & Sharon

Good Day! Yes, Sharon and myself returned without incident. However, it is with long faces that we left your great country. Margaret, your patience and willingness to adjust and re-adjust the itinerary as I continued to ask questions was most helpful and appreciated. The final choices for travel spots and accommodations all proved to be just perfect.

Historically, Sharon and I travel solo and I drive as she determines the sights to go to. This trip however, allowed me to actually see the area and relax for a change. I found this to be most enjoyable. I must say, the decision to use a tour service was not so easy for me given our history, especially, with the idea of potentially getting a “dud” for a driver. If we had got a disinterested driver it would have changed our whole view of Ireland as a vacation spot and a country as a whole.

However, we could not have been more lucky to have had the good fortune to have Michael as our guide. He is without question a professional, intelligent, entertaining and loyal member of your company. I came to like him immediately and from my point of view enjoyed the many hours of Q&A and discussion of most all subjects.

His willingness to join us day or night made for feel of real “friendship” let alone a better understanding for us as to the ways and values of the Irish people. Upon our return to Shannon Airport, Michael parked the car and came inside to see us off, a very nice touch and one that left my wife weeping for some time as he departed. I feel as though we have a friend in Ireland, one I would like to see again. He was the reason we enjoyed the trip as much as we did, and we both will never forget our time there.

Anne, your follow up with regards to our anniversary with the delivery of champagne was most appreciated and unexpected. It was a little extra gilding on the rose to make the day perfect.

Given all the above I can firmly say that I would recommend your company to anyone interested in travel to Ireland.

Sharon and I truly appreciate every step we took, and hope to return soon.