Customize Your Tour

Private escorted tour | 6 days | Start any date

This tour will be created just for you, and is a perfect way to tour Ireland if you’ve never been here before and want to see as much as possible in a relatively short time. Because it is custom built, you can extend it, change the route or add places special to you. There is  a completely flexible range of options available to tailor your tour to your exact needs and wishes.

When you get in touch with us to start building your custom tour, we will work with you at no obligation to design a tour that meets your specific interests and preferences. This means that you really will get to tour Ireland your way.

Arrival & Departure

The itinerary shown assumes arrival at Shannon Airport and departure from Dublin Airport. We can alter the itinerary if you are arriving at or leaving from any Irish airport, or indeed any location in Ireland.

Add Additional Days

While the itinerary shown is 6 days long, we can easily add rxtra days when we are customizing your tour. However because of its nature it would not be possible to complete in a shorter time.

A popular option is to start this tour having spent a day or two independently in Dublin before setting out with us to tour Ireland beyond the capital.

Change Accommodation Class

This tour includes accommodation in specially selected 4 star hotels,  where we are confident that you will really enjoy staying. You can opt to upgrade to five star hotels in some or all locations or include a Castle hotel or two along the way.

If you would like to follow the same itinerary but with some or all nights in less expensive accommodation, we can arrange wonderful B&B or boutique hotel rooms and quote you a price accordingly.

Explore Your Irish Roots

Guests who have roots in Ireland very often wish to include a day in the place from which their ancestors came, often in conjunction with our Irish Roots, Irish Oaks offering. If this option interests you, please mention the l0cation when you complete the inquiry form and we will be happy to arrange this for you.

We can also arrange time for you to meet with a genealogist who can help you with your search. Please mention this when you contact us if it is of interest to you.

Take a Detour

On all of our tours we can, and often do, take spontaneous detours along the road, something that simply  isn’t an option if you tour Ireland by joining a larger group.  So if you see an intriguing signpost or want to follow that winding road to the lake in the distance, we will happily make a detour for you.

If you or your group have a special interest, perhaps gardening, architecture or a particular period of history, we can build in detours accordingly. Quite often these include visits to very special, less known places that cannot accommodate large tour groups.

Split Up!

You may want to spend a day golfing,  fishing or horse riding, while other members of your party have no interest in those activities. We are happy to arrange and book any activities, and get you to their location and plan an alternative day for the other members of your group.

Less Mobile?

If any members of your group has mobility issues, you can be assured that their enjoyment of  Ireland will be effortlessly catered for. While accessibility is good at most Irish tourist destinations and accommodation, we can advise on the exact situation in every place we visit and plan an itinerary that avoids places where access may be a major issue.

Our vehicles are already specially configured to allow more space per person than the norm, but we can readily make further changes as required to make travelling more comfortable. We also have special wheelchair friendly transportation available.

Where there are special requirements for accommodation, we will select places to stay with those in mind and will liaise with hotels to ensure that everything you need is in place in advance of your arrival.